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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I wear for the Vichy shower treatment?

The Vichy shower treatment is a full body wet treatment, therefore your entire body (including your hair if you’ve included the head-spa) will get wet.  In terms of attire, it is entirely up to you as the client as to what you are comfortable with. 

Our therapists will drape parts of your body in anycase and will only expose the area of the body that is being treated at a time. 

Most commonly people will either: wear nothing, wear our disposable g-string or bring their own swimmers.


I haven’t shaved, is that going to affect my treatment?

Absolutely not! Hair is not a factor in any of our body treatments.


I am on my period, does that matter? What about the Vichy shower

If you're on your period during any treatment with the exception of the Vichy shower, then it absolutely will not affect your treatment. 

In terms of the Vichy shower, we expect sanitary items to be used during the treatment. If that isn’t an option for you, then perhaps consider rescheduling. 


I have just found out I am pregnant, I’m worried people will find out

All of your personal information, including your conversations with therapists are strictly confidential. It is extremely important that you disclose if you are pregnant or think you maybe pregnant as there are many treatments and/or products that are not suitable.


I am worried that your massage beds aren’t going to hold my weight

All of our massage beds, including our Vichy shower bed can hold 250kg.


I am worried about what my body looks like &  that I am going to be judged

One of our top priorities here is to ensure our clients feel comfortable and safe during any interaction with us. That includes feeling secure in a space that is non-judgmental & free from any body shaming. 


Do you have treatments for men? 

We sure do, we have specific treatments for men and that includes the vichy shower


What do I need to do to prepare for my treatment? 

All pre and post care instructions are listed on our here.


I identify as LGBTIQA+ do I need to disclose? 

No you don’t need to disclose, your gender experience will not impact on your treatment. Although there is a question within our consultation form related to gender. 


Can I bring my child to my appointment?

This does depend on the type of treatment you are having, for example a brow wax appointment is generally fine, however a longer package may not be suitable.  Please contact us prior to check if you're concerned.


Can I park in the driveway?

Generally speaking yes you can, as you will see the staff park there also. If you’re ever in doubt, parking between YVDS & the vet is recommended (ideally avoiding the corner of Mount St).

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