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Spa Etiquette & Terms and Conditions

The environment

YVDS is an environment of relaxation and tranquility, because of this we respectfully ask for no children under the age of 16 years (unless prior arrangement has been made).

Upon entry to the Spa we kindly ask that you place your phone (or other device/s) on silent upon entry.


Note:  The Spa is a non-smoking area and pets are not permitted onsite.

Clients are asked to arrive on-time, which allows all clients throughout the day to remain on their scheduled time.

Jewellery and other precious items are not recommended to be brought with you, as YVDS takes no responsibility for lost items.

Any inappropriate behaviour during a treatment may result in your treatment being cancelled. 

Prior to your treatment, we ask that a full consultation form has been completed, this will allow for any tailoring required to your treatment as well as any health or physical restrictions that may affect you receiving your treatment.  Should a contraindication be found, YVDS will contact you to discuss (this may mean your scheduled treatment may not be performed & a refund or credit issued).

YVDS takes does not accept any responsibility for failure to advise of medical conditions, health or physical restrictions, existing and/or new medication and pregnancy.

Comfortable clothing is recommended for most treatments. 

During your treatment you will be respectfully draped with towels and only the specific area undergoing treatment exposed. For treatments that involve the Vichy Shower, it is recommended to pack a spare change of underwear & a wet clothes bag (alternatively, disposable underwear and/or draping is always available in Spa).

Cancellations / Non-arrival

YVDS requires a 50% booking fee, cancellations & non-arrivals inside 48 hours will have this forfeited.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for purchase online or in-store & can be used for treatments or products and are non-refundable.

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